We are working on helping one of our rescue partners, Animal Help Alliance (AHA) pay down their vet bills.  This rescue has saved countless dogs that needed extensive medical care.  Many of the dogs that they save suffer from skin conditions to those needing amputations or ACL surgeries. 

We will donate 30% of every bag sold of our Abby's Paw dog treats back to AHA.  No coupon needed. Each bag is shipped directly to your door for a flat shipping fee of $5. The more you buy the more donated to rescue and your shipping charge remains the same.

Interested in partnering to raise funds for your rescue? We do welcome animal rescues within the United States that would like to partner for a fundraiser. We are committed to donating 20% of sales to your rescue.  Your rescue must be a licensed 501(c)3.
Please send us an e-mail to inquire about fundraising opportunities,  themuttstop@gmail.com